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Get ready!

This is about to begin in Mexico City, the first Grand International Chess Festival UNAM 2010.

Come and celebrate the centenary of the greatest center of learning in this country and enjoy a broad program of cultural and artistic activities which will take place in the various forums and university areas from the 13th to the 21st of November. As well as tournaments and competitions, involving some of the most important chess experts today, there will be scenic activities, concerts, cinema, contemporary art exhibits, multimedia events, lectures, tributes, workshops and competitions. All this will be linked to chess. The programs include events for all age groups. Admission free. Don’t miss it

General program - Timetable
Know more about the general activities.
Seminar on the History of Chess
To see how through centuries of history, chess has accompanied man, influencing various areas of activity…
Seminar chess and education
Scientific studies have proved that chess is a fundamental tool for improving children’s cognitive level, concentration and memory
Competitions and meetings
In the context of the First Grand International Chess Festival at UNAM 2010 and the celebration of its centenary, the greatest center of learning in this country invites the student community in general...
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