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Del 13 al 21 de noviembre


The  University will be transformed into a gigantic battle ground where 24 players from 23 countries will attempt to win the title at this meeting of the Latin American Chess Federation, (FIBDE) with the UNAM

The first qualifying round and quarter finals of this multinational meeting will take place from the 13th to the 17th of November. Likewise the semifinals and finals will take place from the 18th to the 21st of November 


argentina Argentina
Pedro Lavado
Rubén Felgaer
(Buenos Aires, 1981)

Title: International Grandmaster
National Rating: 3
Continental Rating: 19
International Rating 230
Rating: 2597

He is an Argentine grandmaster of chess. In the FIDE list, January 2008 he had 2604 points in the ELO, ranking third among the Argentines. International Champion in 2002, on the first board of the Olympic team at the Chess Olympiad in Bled 2002 (Slovenia) and in Calvia 2004 (Spain). He was also crowned Pan American Junior bi-champion and as well as multi-champion in a number of international tournaments, among which stands out the Latin American Chess Championships 2004 in Seville, Spain, and the Sort International Open Championship in 2005, Barcelona, Spain. He also won the Argentine Championship in 2007 (played in June 2008) and that of 2008 (played in August 2008). In 2010, a few days before being crowned Argentine champion for the fourth time, El Pájaro, as his friends call him, was awarded the Bicentennial Master (FIDE Category XII) in the most important South American tournament of the year, organized by the Villa Martelli Circle.


bullet Brasil
Pedro Lavado  
Gilberto Milos
(Sao Paulo, 1963)

Títle: Grandmaster
National Rating: 3
Continental Rating: 18
International Rating: 223
Rating: 2599

He received the International Master title in 1984 and the Grandmaster in 1988. He was Brazilian National Champion in the years 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1994 and 1995. His most notable awards include first place in the South American Championship in Santiago in 1987, 1998, 2005 and 2007, and first place in Buenos Aries, in 1988. A member of the Brazilian Olympic team in 1984, 1986 and 1988, he participated in the FIDE World Championships in (1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002).

bullet Chile
Pedro Lavado  
Iván Eduardo Morovic Fernández
(Viña del Mar, 1963)

Títle: Grandmaster
National Rating: 1
oCntinental Rating: 28
International Rating: 299
Rating: 2580

He learned to play at the age of nine and is considered the best Chilean chess player of all time. He was bestowed the title of grandmaster when he was 22 years old, becoming the first Chilean to reach this level in the world of chess. He was champion of Chile in 1981. Outstanding moments in his career include his victory in the South American Adults Championship in 1985, his victory over Vice-world champion Viktor Korchnoi in 1991 and winning the International Championship of Las Palmas. Currently he has an ELO rating of 2583 and has devoted great efforts to promoting chess in Chile. On a number of occasions he has been the best Latin American player. He was elected President of the Chilean Federation of chess, committed to promoting a definitive rise in national chess.

bullet Costa Rica
Pedro Lavado  
Bernal González Acosta

Títle: International Master
National Rating: 3
Continental Rating: 251
International Rating: 2155
Rating: 2423

A psychologist by profession and occupation, he is also a noted chess player and chess coach in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Costa Rica. In 1993, he won the title of International Master within his country. He won a silver medal at the World Chess Olympiad in Moscow (1994) and has been National Champion 10 times while holding the National Record (1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008). He classified for four World Championship, tournaments and has played in six World Chess Olympiads, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia (1990), Moscow, Russia (1994), Istanbul, Turkey (2000), Mallorca, Spain (2004), Turin, Italy ( 2006) and Dresden, Germany (2008). He has won about 70 national and international tournaments representing his country in over 40 nations. In the selected youth category he was classified 21st at the World Youth Championship (Calcutta, India, 1993), 7th World Youth Festival for under-16 (Timisoara, Romania, 1988). He has received seven gold medals, three silver and three bronze medals in five rounds of Central American Games from 1989 onwards. He was selected for the National Youth team from 1988-1993 and was twice Junior National Champion, in 1992 and 1993.

bullet Cuba
Pedro Lavado  
Omar Almeida Quintana

Títle: Great Master
National Rating: 7
Continental Rating: 43
International Rating: 412
Rating: 2559

This chess player is currently living the most splendid moment of his career. Champion of the Catalan circuit, Spain, in 2009 and this year reaching third place in the Open Tournament at Villa de Salou. He debuted at the international tournament in Capablanca in 1999. His best performance was in 2001 when he won one of the Premier groups also achieving the title of International Master; five years later,-in 2006 – he became an International Master. In 2008 he was one of seven winners of the Open tournament in Malaga. He is in fifth place at the top of the 10 best Cuban players. He reached the highest ranking of his career on November 1, 2009, with 2542 points.

bullet Ecuador
Pedro Lavado  
Alberto Santos Flores
(Ecuador, 1987)

Títle: International Master
National Rating: 9
Continental Rating: 546
International Rating: 4701
Rating: 2356

A Telematics Engineer for the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, he began playing chess at the age of 10 years and his first successes were: Champion in the under-10 Second International Chess Grand Prix (1997), in the 13th Scholastic Sports Games (1998), and in the IVth National Grand Prix, Category U 1.600 (1999). Furthermore, he received various awards such as the Sports Award from the city of Manta (2000), recognition for Best player in Manabi on the part of the Sports Journalists 'Circle (2002) and also from the Sports Journalists' Association (2004), and appointment of a Sports Award by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the country (2003) and the Chamber of Commerce in Manta (2005). His chess performance has been tested in numerous national and international championships. Although the list is long, we will mention just a few: National Champion in the under-17 (2000 and 2003), Vice-champion in the National Games at Machala (2000), National Chess Champion in the absolute category (2001), Champion in the VIIth Grand Prix National (Babahoyo, 2002), National Champion (2004) and Champion in the Absolute Men’s National Tournament (2005). He participated in the Pan American Chess Festival (Argentina, 2001), Xlth World Chess Tournament, Oropesa del Mar (Spain, 2001), XXXVth World Chess Olympiad (Bled, Slovenia, 2002), XIIIth Pan American Chess Championship in Argentina (Cordoba, 2002), XXXVIth World Chess Festival under-16 (Kallithea, Greece, 2003), XXXVIth World Olympiads in Spain (2004), International Open Tournament of the Americas (Medellin, Colombia, 2009), and the XXXIXth World Chess Olympics in Russia (Mansiysk, 2010). He won the FIDE Master title in 2003, and that same year was crowned champion of the XIVth Pan American Chess for under-16 (Bogota, Colombia, 2003). The following year, he was Vice-Champion in the Central American and Caribbean Championships for under-20 and was awarded the title of International Chess Master.

El Salvador
Pedro Lavado  
Gustavo Aguilar

Títle: International Master
National Rating: 15
Continental Rating: 3694
International Rating: 28891
Rating: 2226

Undergraduate student in Systems at UCA. He was champion of the category of the Junior adolescent section in 2004. In 2010, the Third Olympic Festival, Rating revision he received the highest ranking in the Chess federation with a rating of 6.5. He earned the silver medal in the men's under-16 Central American and Caribbean Regional Festival

bullet España
Pedro Lavado  
Marc Narciso Dublan
(Barcelona, 1974)

Títle: Grand Master
National Rating: 6
Continental Rating: 348
International Rating: 440
Rating: 2553

He is a Spanish International Grandmaster of chess. In 1986 he was Junior Champion of Cataluña, Youth Champion of Cataluña, (1991), Absolute Champion of Cataluña, (1992 and 1995) and winner of the Inter-territorial Championship in Cataluña, (1994). He won the International Open in Ciutat de Balaguer (2000) and the International Open Live in Vallfogona de Balaguer in 2002. In 2005 he finished 2nd in the International Tournament in Ecija City, 1st in the International Live Open in Santa Coloma de Queralt and 2nd in the International Open in Barbera. In 2006, he came 1st in the International Open in Barbera, 1st in the International Open in Sants and triumphed in the Catalan Open Circuit Championships. In 2007 he came 1st in the International Live Open in Santa Coloma de Queralt and was Champion of the Rapid Chess competition in Cataluña.

bullet Guatemala
Pedro Lavado  
Wilson Estuardo Lorenzana Aguilar

Títle: International Master
National Rating: 10
Continental Rating: 2550
International Rating: 19904
Rating: 2206

He has played chess since he was 14 years old and although his life was mainly devoted to playing chess, on which he spent about 10 hours a day, in 2010 he began his career in law and made his greatest achievement: the title of International Master from the FIDE. In 2009 he won the National Champion title by displacing Carlos Juarez, who had held the title for 12 consecutive years.

bullet Honduras
Pedro Lavado  
Javier Medina Colindres 

Títle: Grandmaster candidate
National Rating: 5
Continental Rating: 2108
International Rating: 16748
Rating: 2226

bullet México
Pedro Lavado  
Juan Carlos González Zamora

Title: Grandmaster
National Rating: 2
Continental Rating: 37
International Rating: 385
Rating: 2564

Despite being born in Cuba this player has Mexican citizenship and has 24 years of coaching experience, both in the country where he was born as well as in Mexico. He coached the women’s Olympiad team members from Cuba: the GM Frometa Zirka, the GM Vivian Ramon and the IM Tania Hernandez. Director of the Chess Academy of the Mercenary Club, he has held the title of International Grandmaster since 2003. In April 2008, he was one of the four Mexican Grandmasters with a FIDE rating of 2544, he ranks second in Mexico, after Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero, although months later, in July of the same year, he displaced him with 2559 points. Olympiad team member in Mexico for several years, and four-time Mexican Absolute National Champion

Pedro Lavado  
José González García
(Madrid, 1973)

Title: Gran Maestro
National Rating: 4
Continental Rating:
International Rating:
Rating: 2543

He discovered chess at the age of eight when his mother taught him to play and bought him a book to reinforce his knowledge of this scientific game, which was how he solved the problem of being an only child and having no playmate. At 14 he played in his first tournament. From 1999 onwards, he has worked as a trainer of young talent. In Yucatan he worked in this area until 2004, when he moved to Barcelona and has since become coach of the Catalan Chess Federation. He was National Champion in 1996 and Olympic medalist in 2004. The following year he won the title of Grandmaster and was several times member of the Mexican Olympic chess selection, including his most recent participation in the 39th World Chess Olympiad in Khanty Mansiysk , Russia .

Pedro Lavado  
Luis Fernando Ibarra Chami
(Yucatán, 1989)

Title: Maestro Internacional
National Rating:
Continental Rating:
International Rating:
Rating: 2444

A member of the Mexican Olympic team and a former state champion in 2007, he was seen in the World Championship for Under 20s in Yerevan , Armenia and in the Under 18 Championship in Turkey . In 2006, at the age of 16, he won the title of International Master and recently he was part of the delegation of Mexican chess players who participated in the World Chess Olympiad in Khanty Mansiysk , Russia , next to the Grandmaster Manuel León Hoyos.

Pedro Lavado  
Uriel Capó Vidal
(Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, 1986)

Title: International Master
National ranking:
Continental ranking: 565
International ranking: 4915
Rating: 2350

Young chess player Uriel Capó Vidal has had a brilliant career in Mexico and internationally. At the age of 22, he obtained the title of FIDE International Master. In 2005, at the request of the Mexican Chess Federation, the Mexican Sports Federation awarded him the title of “Olmec Fighter,” the highest award in federated sport, for his dedication and effort in this scientific sport. He has participated in the last two Olympiads in Turin, Italy, 2006 and Dresden, Germany, 2008. He is president of the Hidalgo Chess Association for the period from 2009/2013.

bullet Nicaragua
Pedro Lavado  
José Luis Fonseca González
(Masaya, 1963)

Títle: FIDEMaster
National Rating:
Continental Rating: 2916
International Rating: 22535
Rating: 2191

He began playing chess at the age of 13 years and although he plays it as a hobby and not professionally, as he himself makes clear, he has a list of tournaments and chess achievements in his life. At the provincial level, he was the winner of every tournament from 1979 to 1989 and at a national level, his first major achievement was to classify in the Junior National in 1978 in order to play on the first World Team Championship held in Mexico in the same year. After winning the Junior National Championship 1981 - 1982, he represented Nicaragua in the World Junior Individual Championship (Mexico, 1981). He was National Champion in 1986 and 1987. He participated in the World Championships in Dubai (1986) and in Sagua la Grande in Cuba (1988), as well as in the Pan American in Havana, Cuba (1987), and in 1989 to 1991 in Capella la Grande, France and in the U.S. Open, Los Angeles, where he finished in 3rd place among the group of players with less than 2300 points. Reluctantly, he had to temporarily withdraw from the game, between 1992 and 2005, to work as a veterinarian and zoologist and continue his professional education pursuing a degree in Agricultural Business Management and a post graduate degree in Agricultural Business. His return to national chess occurred in 2007, when he won the VIIIth Grand Prix Juan Gomez Memorial, he then participated in the Alba Games in Caracas, Venezuela where he earned a bronze medal at the third session. In 2008 he won the title of FIDE Master in the Sub Zonal in Guatemala. And in 2010, he tied in first place in the Nicaragua National Championship. He currently plays for the National Championship team.

bullet Panamá
Pedro Lavado  
Jorge Baules

Títle: International Master
National Rating: 1
Continental Rating: 644
International Rating: 5783
Rating: 2335

Champion of the province of Panama 1999, fifth in the Central American Chess Championship 2007 which was held in San Salvador, he participated in the IInd ALBA Games. A FIDE Master, Baules also won first place in the sub zonal International Tournament held in Guatemala in 2008, with the International ELO rating of 229, making him the first International master in his country.

bullet Paraguay
Pedro Lavado  
Zenón Franco Ocampos
(Asunción, 1956)

Títle: Grandmaster
National Rating: 2
Continental Rating: 80
International Rating: 738
Rating: 2517

Chess champion, author, specialist chess column writer, tournament director and coach, he learned to move the chess pieces with his father Zenon Franco,(who died in 1995 and was a political prisoner both during and prior to Stroessner, forcing them to move to Buenos Aires). Although he attended chess classes at Club Boca Juniors, where his tutor was the International master Bernard Wexler, a former Argentine champion and one time winner against Bobby Fischer, he declares that he is self taught. Champion in Paraguay in 1976, and Pan American in1981 and for the Spanish team in 1994, 1999 and 2003,he won the FIDE Master title in 1979, the International Master title in 1982 and the Grandmaster title in 1990. In addition to winning the Grand Prix in the Argentine Republic in (1979, 1980 and 1981), he has represented his country as first board at the Olympiads in Haifa, Israel (1976), Buenos Aires, Argentina (1978), Lucerne, Switzerland ( 1982), Thessaloniki, Greece (1988), Novi Sad, Yugoslavia (1990), Bled, Slovenia (2002), Turin, Italy (2006), and was part of the Paraguayan team in the Olympiad in Dresden, Germany (2008) representing Spain in the Olympiad in Elista, Russia. He is author of several books in English: "Chess Self Improvement", "Winning Chess Explained", "Chess Explained, The English", "Chess Explained, The Benoni" and "Secrets of Attacking Chess", and also volumes in Spanish, "Ud. Juega" and the compendium "20 años Magistral Ciudad de Leon."

bullet Perú
Pedro Lavado  
Emilio Córdova Daza

Títle: Grand Master
National Rating: 2
Continental Rating: 62
International Rating: 541
Rating: 2539

He began playing chess at age 8 with his father. At 9 he won the Pan American Chess Championship in the year 2001. In 2007 he became the youngest International Grandmaster of Peru and South America reaching the category of Jorge Cori. In 2008, this young man of 19 years was considered, along with Julio Granda, to be one of the leading chess players in Peru.


Pedro Lavado  
Julio Ernesto Granda Zúñiga
(Camaná, Arequipa,1967)

Títle: International Grandmaster
National Rating: 1
Continental Rating: 7
International Rating: 115
Rating: 2636

He learned to play chess at five years old and at 13 he won the Youth World Cup in Mexico. At 19 he won the title of International Grandmaster (IGM). In mid-1998 he gave up chess to go into politics and run for mayor of his city, he was also involved in agriculture. He returned to the chess board in 2002.He was champion of the XXXVIIIth International Tournament, the "Capablanca Memorial• in Havana (2003), and of the "Master Entel " Tournament in Chile (2005) and the IVth Continental Chess Tournament (2007). This past year, he finished second in the Magistral Ruy Lopez, Category XV, held in Zafra, Spain, following Sargissian. Winner of the national championship six times, for several years he was considered to be the best player in Latin America and was also the best Latin American player in the FIDE ranking. In 2009 he was proclaimed Latin American Champion and reached his highest ELO ranking, 2647.

bullet Portugal
Pedro Lavado  
Paulo Jorge Guimarães Dias 
(Sintra, 1979)

Títle: FIDE Master
National Rating: 9
Continental Rating: 2482
International Rating: 3155
Rating: 2394

With a degree in mathematics from the University of Lisbon and a teacher of this subject, this FIDE master learned to play chess with his father, when he was 13 years old. A second place in his first chess tournament was enough for him to decide not to stay away from the chess board. Three times champion of Portugal Youth (under 18 years), Vice-champion of the International under-16 Tournament at Aviles, twice Portuguese Vice- Absolute Champion, he participated in the Olympiads in Istanbul (2000), Torino, Italy (2006) , and Dresden, Germany (2008). He was the winner of the Tournament in Mestres in 2009 and was crowned National Chess Champion of Portugal in 2010, winning with 8 points in the final of the LXVIth Portuguese Championship, which he played in Amadora, in September.

bullet Puerto Rico
Pedro Lavado  
Raúl Vázquez Reyes

Títle: Candidato a Maestro
National Rating: 10
Continental Rating: 2291
International Rating: 18063
Rating: 22217

bullet República Dominicana
Adán Manuel Mazara Ruiz
(San Pedro Macorís, República Dominicana, 1976)

Title: Candidato a maestro
National Rating: 18
Continental Rating: 1460
International Rating: 11995
Rating: 2262

From an early age, the Ruiz-Mazara brothers, Adán, Manuel and Juan learned to play chess with guidance from their father, Dr. Manuel Ant Mazara, who encouraged them to join their local  Chess Association.  From 15 years of age, Adán participated in many inter school, provincial and regional tournaments, giving an outstanding performance which led him to obtain first prizes. In 1995 he won first place in the Regional Tournament for fast games, and the following year was first in the Tournament for Regional Teams. At the national level he has also made several advances: he was champion in the National Youth Champion category for under 16s in (1992), National Youth Champion, for the category up to 20 years in (1993), National Youth Champion, for the category up to 20 years in (1994), National Youth Champion, for the category up to 20 years in (1995). In 2006, he was Deputy National Chess Champion in the Advanced Tournament. He was part of the Olympic teams which have represented our country in the Chess Olympiad in Italy (2006) and in the 39th Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk , Russia , 2010, where he was unbeaten throughout seven matches, with four wins and three ties or boards. His performance made him number nine in the order indicating percentage of games won, out of a total of over 700 players who participated, from some 140 countries.

bullet Uruguay
Pedro Lavado  
Manuel Larrea Llorca
(San José,1980)

Title: Master
National Rating: 6
Continental Rating: 749
International Rating: 6434
Rating: 2323

He graduated as a lawyer from the Faculty of Law in the University of the Republic. He represented Uruguay on the Olympiad team for Slovenia (2002), in Spain (2004), Italy (2006) and Germany (2008). In April 2010, he became Uruguay chess champion by winning the tournament of absolute discipline, and months later he judged the VIIth "Regina Helena Marques Prol” International Tournament, which took place during the São Paolo Chess Festival in August 2010, in Brazil.

bullet Venezuela
Pedro Lavado  
Eduardo Patricio Iturrizaga Bonelli
(Caracas, 1989)

Títle: Grandmaster
National Rating: 1
Continental Rating: 14
International Rating: 191
Rating: 2609

He was five years old when his father taught him to move his first pieces on the chess board and discovered that he could beat rivals older than him. An admirer of the legendary Bobby Fischer, a former world chess champion, he was the first to obtain the title of Grandmaster in Venezuelan chess history. He was the leading figure in the recent XVIIth Pan American Youth Chess Festival.

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